Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Pool

Held each year on the Saturday before Easter Sunday

The hunt will occur with individual age groups hunting one age group at a time.  We will start with the younger age groups in the wading pool and will progress to the big pool.  Each hunt will be given an approximate 15 minute time period which will allow for the disbursement of the eggs into the appropriate pool; the actual hunt, any necessary cleanup and organizing prior to the next hunt.

Immediately after each hunt, the children need to go the PRIZE tables on the NW corner of the deck, where they will redeem the eggs for prizes.  One lucky hunter will have the “special” egg for each age group & will be awarded the grand prize for the age group.

 Remember the hunt is actually in the water!  Children should wear swimsuits and/or swim trunks.  Also typical Easter Baskets and plastic bags are hard to use as they will quickly fill with water.   We will be selling mesh bags for $1 and funds raised will be used to purchase additional Easter Eggs for the years to come.

 Wading Pool
2 and under: 2pm
Ages 3 & 4:  2:15pm
Ages 5 & 6: 2:30pm
Big Pool
Ages 7 & 8: 2:45pm
Ages 9 & 10: 3pm
Ages 11-12: 3:15pm
13 and older: 3:30pm