The 2014 GoldenMan Triathlon will take place on Saturday June 21st.  We have weekly “tri tips” or Triathlon Training Tips that will help you to prepare for the triathlon.  Check back each Monday between now and June 21st to see the new weekly Tri Tip!

Tri Tip #20: Week of May 26th   Life is busy and crazy sometimes, are you having a hard time squeezing in training time.  Try an early morning swim, or biking to work, and jogging at lunch time.

Tri Tip #19: Week of May 19th:  Try to get familiar with the triathlon course, and ideally train on the course before the event.   If you can’t train on the course, at least drive and walk course.

Tri Tip #18 Week of May 12th  Don’t Over Train. It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of training for a triathlon, but don’t forget to plan a day of rest in your weekly training program.

Tri Tip #17 Week of May 5th  Swimming is just NOT your thing?  There are no rules about what stroke to use in a triathlon, so do the backstroke or breaststroke if you need a break.

Tri Tip #16 Week of April 28, 2014 Use the 10 percent rule as your upper limit to safely increase your weekly distance whether swimming, biking or running.

Tip #15 Week of April 21, 2014 Goggles!  Now that you have been swimming for a few weeks, do your goggles really fit?  To test your goggles, press them against your face and let go.  A good fitting pair will stay in place.

Weekly Training Tip #14:  April 14, 2014 :Feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up, don’t despair you can always form a team.  One person swim, another bikes and another runs.  Working with your teammates may better prepare you for your own triathlon next year.

Weekly Training Tip #13:  April 7, 2014:  It is a good idea to try a 5K race before your triathlon to get used to pacing yourself and see how you react to pre-race jitters.  There are many races through the gorge this spring.

Weekly Training Tip #12:  March 31, 2014:  Of course you never want to have a flat tire, but learn how to fix a flat.  Better to learn now in your spare time and have an emergency flat kit available.

Weekly Training Tip #11:  March 24, 2014: Start your swim training slowly, start with short distances and have adequate recovery time. In a very short time, just two to three weeks, you will be more comfortable in the water and be a more confident swimmer.

Weekly Training Tip #10:  March 17, 2014:  Train on the Bike you Race. Your bike does not need to be expensive, so long as it’s reliable. One thing it must be is the bike you will use on race day. Don’t spend months training on one bicycle, then upgrade to an unfamiliar bike for the race.

Weekly Training Tip #9:  March 10, 2014: Get ready to start swimming!  The Goldendale Swimming Pool opens for the season on March 14th   go to for a complete pool schedule.

Weekly Training Tip #8:  March 3, 2014: Know your body and don’t workout when you are sick!  You will be much better off by taking a couple days off, than pushing yourself and making yourself weaker and risking serious injury.

Weekly Training Tip #7:  February 27, 2014:Spring is coming soon, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  Start adding more outdoor running into your exercise routine.

Weekly Training Tip #6:  February 17, 2014: You tune up your car; why not give your bike “a pre-season tune up.”  Check the tires, oil the chain and make sure the brakes and gears are in good working order. You never want to have a flat tire, but it is important to learn how to fix a flat!  It is better to learn now in your spare time.  Also always have an emergency flat kit available.

Weekly Training Tip #5:  February 10, 2014  Winter can be a challenging time to train for a triathlon or excise outdoors in general!   Here are a few tips:  Buddy up, Stay visible, Forget about speed, Find stable footing, Be flexible, Remember shoveling snow is a great source of exercise and most importantly Be Safe!

Weekly Training Tip #4:  February 3, 2014 Take care of yourself, invest in Good Running Shoes. Spend the money on a good pair of shoes from a store that specializes in running. The expert employees will be able to fit your feet with the perfect shoe for your gait, foot shape and race ambitions.

Weekly Training Tip #3:  January 27th If you have questions, just ask! You are going to have multiple questions during your first race. Feel free to ask other athletes around you, or the GoldenMan (or other Triathlon) coordinators.

Weekly Training Tip #2:  January 20th Set a goal for yourself! You should set a personal goal for yourself before race day. Your goal can be as simple as completing the race or finishing the race in a particular time. Try to avoid setting goals that seem unattainable in order to avoid disappointment on race day. This goal is YOUR goal, not your friend’s or your training buddy’s. This will help you focus during your training sessions leading up to the race.

Weekly Training Tip #1:  January 13th The 3rd annual GoldenMan Triathlon is schedule for June 21st, just 23 weeks away.  We want to congratulate you on deciding to participate in the 2014 GoldenMan Triathlon or any triathlon or event that puts your physical fitness to a test and increases your overall health.  Starting next Monday, January 20th the committee will be introducing weekly Triathlon Training Tips or “Tri Tips” for short.   If you want to register for the triathlon or have any questions, please email or call the Goldendale Swimming Pool at 509 773-0506 or go to